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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                  75

in a gold basin, and in his speech compared him
to Henri Quatre—a bad comparison, for the latter
came as a conqueror, poor Louis as a vanquished
monarch. La Fayette was there at the head of
the National Guard, The cry was, " Vive la
nation ! " But when the King accepted the tri-
colour cockade, they greeted him with " Vive le

At PHotel de Ville he was addressed by the
Count de Lally TollendaL

The Queen was in dreadful fear until the
King's return to Versailles; Monsieur remained
with her all the time. The poor King came back
sadly fatigued.

M. Necker has returned triumphant, and was
received with honours, cannon-firing and illumina-
tions. As he is so popular, it is to be hoped he
will be of use in producing tranquility.

August $fh.

Young Laborde has been making himself very
conspicuous, as well as Charles de Noailles who
married his sister, declaiming in favour of derno-

of the wretches who taunted him, as he stood on the
scaffold, with " Tu as peur, tu tremble." " Non," replied
he, "j'ai froid."